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These Customer Testimonials will give you some insight in how Bright Images Subliminal Programs can positively affect your personal life, as they have expressed to us. We welcome comments and testimonials, perhaps sharing your experience will also help others.

Life Extension Series

"I would like to take this time to tell you a little about my life and the changes that have taken place since I started my program with your subliminal tapes 'Increase Your 'Memory Power' and 'Psychoneuroimmunology or Health Mind & Body' . My age is 42 years, I was in the U.S. Navy at age 17, and back into civilian life at age 21. Attended college four nights a week for nearly ten years while working seven days a week on two jobs. Graduating college as a registered nurse and working in that field for four years, joined the U.S. Maritime service. After sailing around the world for two years, coming home every few months for a couple weeks and on my way again to South Africa and Brazil. Not much of a home life; and after all, how many times can you see Rio De Janeiro, before getting bored. smile. Up to this point in my life, between my instructors at college and the captains I sailed with, I came to a conclusion. There are a lot of nutty people in this world and they all hold very responsible positions. I wondered what made them tic and how can I learn to understand them, work with them, accept them. So, at age 37, I left the Maritime service and went back to hospital bedside nursing. Taking a position as staff nurse on a 25 bed locked psychiatric unit, I soon became assistant nursing care coordinator (in charge of the unit). After three years of this, I am to realize that the psychiatrists that were in-charge of the unit were crazier than my patients.

"At age 42, single, no wife or children, I hated my job and the people that I work for. Wondering what can I do with my life now. No one changes jobs at 42. At least I never met anyone. Eighty five percent of all the people that I have encountered in my life have told me that they were not happy with their job, but could not change, either because they were too old or they were afraid of starting over again.

"Well, there I was. In the same boat as everyone else (The 85%'ers anyway). Then Midwest Research came into my life. I was impressed with your brochure. I ordered the two tapes that I mentioned earlier in this letter. The memory tape I listened to during the day (to help get my brain rejuvenated so that I can learn a new trade and keep up with the youngsters). The Healthy Mind & Body Program I listened to at night, just before I went to sleep. I listened to these tapes faithfully for about six weeks. Nothing happened.at least I thought nothing happened. Then one day when I came home from work, I did my usual thing. poured myself a double (maybe you would call it a triple) gin & tonic. Gee did my drink taste horrible. I asked Ed how was his drink. He said it was fine. Then I did something that I thought I would never do. I poured my beloved 94.4% London Gin down the sink drain. I have not had a drink since.

"The Changes that have taken place in my life are as follows:

I have no interest in drinking alcohol.not even socially.

I no longer use salt in my cooking or on my food during meals.

I drink one to two quarts of liquid per day.

I eat one meal per day. small, but satisfying (no junk food).

I had a drop in weight from 160 lbs. To 145 lbs. (the last time I weighed 145 pounds, was when I went into the Navy at age 17)

My waist size went from a 33 waist to a 29 waist.

I look and feel younger.

I spend more time at home, reading and learning.

I taught myself how to operate a computer (I was never able to learn on my own from a text book .always needed an instructor).

I am contemplating writing a book, about the people that I have met in my life time.how they have effected my life and how I effected theirs.

For the past three years, I have been taking two allergy shots a week. I no longer react to the shots. (the shots being a foreign substance introduced into the body tissue ..apparently are being neutralized instantly.de-activated) Psychoneuroimmunology at work. smile.

At age 42, I changed jobs. I took a high-stress course in operating room technology and now I am working as a surgical nurse, soon to be in-charge of my tour.

"I have introduced the subliminal technique to a few of my colleagues at the hospital. They have seen the changes that have taken place in my life and feel that they need some changes too. These tapes and CD's that I have ordered on Weight Loss and Stop Smoking, are for them."                                      - L. Crisci - NY

"Herewith my third order - this will be 16 separate tapes to date. I find your technique the ONLY way to by-pass the conscious mind in my case - (conventional hypnosis does not work) Your tapes are all you claim them to be in your literature -there are additional 'bonuses' to the actual subject, I have found. The change in my personality from an academic ' absent minded professor ' type, to an outgoing personality, which appreciates and enjoys people, is highly satisfactory. You may use my name and address together with the above in your literature, if required. This is a genuine, quite unsolicited testimonial.

"Academically, I am surprised at the paucity of references you list. For my own research I use various computer databases. For your reference, I would recommend INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION 3501 MARKET STREET, UNIVERSITY CITY SCIENCE CENTER, PHILADELPHIA, PA.,19104. This Organization handles about six million scientific papers world-wide annually. Retrieval in any specific discipline is available in a number of forms at nominal cost. I suggest you contact Stephanie Ardito Quinzer, Manager, Customer Services, at the above institute, and ask her to mail you all details of their service. I could save duplication of work of theirs, inform you who else in the world is working in your particular field, and most important, give you access to their papers. I consider your work highly important and certainly innovative. I can envisage a great future for it in several fields, hence my desire to assist. If the above contact probes insufficient, then I suggest the Medical specialist system, 'MEDLINE' which covers close to 3000 journals on a world basis -i.e. ALL medical Journals. If you contact CAROLYN B. TILLEY, HEAD, MEDLARS MANAGEMENT SECTION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH, NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE, BETHESDA, MD., 20209. - and ask for details of the 'MEDLINE' data service, I think you will find this is the next best source of data in your Discipline. I sincerely trust the above will prove useful - please don't feel I am meddling - I simply wish to assist a good cause!"                         - J. Fearnley - Australia

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Midwest Research and Bright Images for changing my life. After receiving your tape on Alcoholism, I finally got control over a growing problem. By not drinking, I have saved the cost of the tape daily since I received it, quite an investment I think. Once again, I would like to say thank you from myself and from my family."                  - B. Huron

"I am enjoying the Set I series of tapes which I recently received. Please send me several new order forms and the little information flyers which are enclosed with orders as I gave my others away. Several friends have asked for literature and order forms plus I am ready to order more myself!

"I am excited in that yesterday I took the 'Healthy Mind, Healthy Body' tape to a nursing home where my 96 year old grandmother resides. She has not talked or shown any expressions whatsoever for over a year due to Alzheimer Disease. When I put stereo headphones on her with this tape, she opened her eyes and showed 'expression' for the first time in over a year. When I asked her if she liked the music she smiled. Several of the staff at the nursing home were astounded as they have seen my grandmother's condition deteriorate from someone who played cards two years ago to a person who has no mobility and almost curls up in a fetal position. How exciting that the tape 'reached' her. So the staff is very much interested in your tapes also.

"I only had the series of tapes for two days when I visited my daughter and family who at that time resided 100 miles away. I assisted them in packing up for a move from the State of Washington to Pennsylvania. In my generosity I gave them my 'Stress Control' program inasmuch as they were excited when I shared this powerful program with them. (They have a 2 month old baby and my daughter has started a two year double masters degree program at Wharton June 1st - I think the tape will be used a lot!) She will be writing for an order form as she is very much interested in the 'Education Series'. Anyway, I would like to replace the Stress Control program I gave to her and have no literature or information from which to do that!"     - S. Gilkey - WA

"Everyone is talking about it our Stress Control Program test. It has been estimated that over 80% of medical treatment provided today is the result of stress not properly handled. Stress is not bad - it's what we do with it that is bad. We are not coping! Our patients are not coping! You can control stress in your life. You can help your patients control stress in their lives. By using SCWL subliminal audio programs you can be trained to handle stress simply - effectively - Guaranteed!"                        - R. L. Billand, D.D.S., P.C. & S. J. Blake, D.D.S. - MI

"I have been using the these products with some of my patients for about 4 weeks. The 'Stop Smoking' tape is excellent - all who have used it have had a good response, it works very well. An excellent adjunct to Therapy has been the Stress Control tape. This has been most useful to people who are experiencing stress constantly. The reduction in stress levels is remarkable.

"The Total Relaxation CD I used for Insomnia without a doubt the most effective drug free, sleep inducers I have come across. All patient reports are excellent. Needless to say I will look forward to trying out more of the tapes as they become available."                            - N. Andrews

"A variety of medical and psychological approaches have been used for helping people loose weight (Bellack & Williamson, in press; Leon. 1976). One procedure, which has recently been studied, is subliminal communication. This technique involves presenting auditory or visual stimuli in a fashion that the person does not consciously recognize the presence of the stimulus. Several studies of subliminal communication (Becker & Glanzer, 1978; Martin, 1975; Silverman, Martin, Ungaro. & Mendelsohn. 1978) have reported systematic gradual weight losses in most patients who applied the treatment procedures.

"Based upon these preliminary findings, it appears that weight loss programs utilizing subliminal communication are a promising approach that can be easily used to aid people in modifying their eating and exercise habits, which have led to a weight problem. My colleagues and I at Louisiana State University are currently planning to evaluate the subliminal communication program developed by Midwest Research, Inc. This study will compare this therapy program to a waiting list control group to establish how subliminal communication can best be used to assist people in their efforts to loose weight."   - D. A. Williamson, PhD - LO

"It is my pleasure to confirm that I have been using your subliminal programs for about a year. My patients have been given these tapes for a variety of complaints; alcoholic addiction, drug addiction, nicotine addiction, weight loss, phobias, depression and anxiety. They have been highly gratified by the results of using their tapes regularly and as long as they regularly use the tape, they succeeded well. Unfortunately, when they stop using the cassette regularly, they also often relapsed.

"As a rule I can recommend your subliminal products highly."                      - R. Krojanker, M.D. -MI

"From the ages of 2000-2009, I was a major alcoholic. Of course I met other alcoholics in my time hanging around in tavers and night clubs. In an evaluation of myself, I was likely the worst "functioning alcoholic" that I have ever met. This included drinking and driving. I was so irresponsible and drunk that I would even drive with open containers of alcohol. I would even drive across the US-Canada border being intoxicated. I am lucky I didn't kill myself or someone else during those years. In 2007, I tried the long-used alcoholism prescription antabuse. Even when I wouldn't mix antabuse with alcohol, I still felt sick to my stomach when taking it. It was horribly expensive too, like $180./mo. I don't recommend antabuse. I had seen so much success with Bright Images, like the Memory Power" that I decided to try "Freedom From Alcohol". The "Freedom From Alcohol" Program does work. I have no desire to drink anymore. I do not keep alcohol in the house. I have drank on occasion, but it's been rare. I don't get the same "high" from alcohol that I used to. To me, it's more like a carbonated sugary beverage like sprite than the intoxicant that It used to be. When I have regressed, it's mostly been during a time period when I haven't listened to "Freedom From Alcohol" in the recent past. I luckily have a clerical job that allows me to my headphone while at work. I try to listen to "Freedom From Alcohol" at least 3 times per week. Listening to these tracks have caused me to have vivid dreams about alcoholism topics and drunk driving. I have had nightmare about driving drunk, car wrecks and DUI's. The nightmare have deterred me from using alcohol. I recommend listening to this program everyday for 30 minutes for the beginning user.     B. Neuman, NC

"As a rule I can recommend your subliminal programs highly. Recently one of my business relations handed me a CD, which had been sent to him from the USA. He told me that this Weight Loss Program could help me change my attitude towards food and eating habits. To my surprise it did!!!

"I learned that you have a complete set of tapes and compact discs on several subjects. I would like to receive a full outline of your products, i.e. description of subjects, purposes what to change by them, prices and cost of shipment to Europe. In my company we are very interested in how to motivate, stimulate and train our people and how to help them to develop themselves. For self confident staff will make the company more confident as a whole."                                - T. C. Merk - Holland, Europe

"I received your Weight Loss program two weeks ago and now I'm loosing weight and I have a positive attitude that I never had before. Thanks!"                         - D. Hokenstad -WI

"I would like to have the details on 'SCWL/Bright Images for our retail store. I have been a compulsive over-eater all my life, right now I'm 100 lbs. overweight. Since starting your weight loss program five days ago, I have almost no interest in food. This leaves me with spare time, as in the past most of my time was spent buying and eating food. So I would like to use the extra time to 'spread the word' about your tapes."             - B. O'Connor - CA

"Since using your weight loss program for a period of 7 months, I have lost a total of 28 pounds without heavy dieting or heavy exercise. I am continuing the tapes and will continue to loose weight. Thank you for showing me the only diet that people should ever go on, 'the diet in your head'."                                - J. Wilson -CA

"I listen to Memory Power, Study Made Easy, Stop Procrastination, Sexual Enhancement and Sharpen Your Learning Skills on a daily basis. I love the Bright Images products and in part they have changed my life in a positive direction.     - B. Newmann - NC

"I purchased your Workout - Body Toning tape about 5 months ago in 2010. The first 2 day I simply listen to the tape for about 4 or 5 hours total. The next day I was at my computer and I was writing out a workout routine and I didn't have a gym. The Following day, I saw as ad for a gym and I went and joined it. Now, I have lost 30 lbs, I have a lot of energy and feel great. I work out around 5 times a week and it is the best I have felt in years. The bottom line is that these programs work. Thank you very much.                    David - Sacramento, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for these amazing cd's. What happen was that my roommate David purchased some your your Bright Images Programs and I did not know I was also listening to subliminal programs. The good news is they worked on be also, I have noticed that my stress has been lowered and I can finally relax, plus I am losing weight. Thank you very much.         Robert-SD

I listened to Weight Loss a few times and for no more than thirty minutes at a time. For the few times that I listened to it, I noticed it to be quite effective. I am not someone that should be overly concerned about my weight. I did however wish that I would eat healthier. So, I tried the Weight Loss Program. My recommendation is that only folks who need to eat healthier and/or to reduce their food intake listen to this track. For me, it was TOO effective. I found myself skipping meals and not having enough energy due to skipping meals. I recall a very specific event shortly after listening to this audio track: I usually put raw veggies and bleu cheese dressing on a plate and eat it as a snack. Shortly after listening to the audio track, (out of character), I skipped the bleu cheese dressing! This program is great for a person who wishes to lose weight. It is an amazing product for those who need to cut their food consumption. I found it equally as effective as the Freedom From Alcohol program".     Brain N.

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Success Series

"I ordered Bright Images and my life has changed so much for the better, I listen the these everyday and some while I sleep. My confidence has hit a level I never dreamed ever existed. My head has cleared up so much, all cobwebs are gone.  The Self Image is awesome, and the thoughts I have now are positive, and I find when someone says something negative, I respond with something positive, and I find my negative thoughts are gone, this all happened in a short period of time. I also  had a lot of anxiety, depressed and took an antidepressant, after listening to Anxiety Free Living I have not taken them since, I am calmer, I sleep better and feel better all around.  I recommend these to anyone that is struggling with self issues or any issues. Believe me this is coming from one that grew up around negative surroundings. There is not one that you would not be happy with. I started out with nine and I will continue to move on to more , I will continue the listen to these. Good luck to all of you. Well worth the investment".                                     - J. Foster - TX     

"I completely enjoyed the programs 'Achievement - Stop Procrastination' and 'Goals - Roadmap To Riches", in fact, just to give you some idea of how much I enjoyed them, I'll fill you in. I am a commission salesman for 3M products, last month my sales totaled 15000.00, after three weeks with the tapes, my following month's sales were 38,000.00. quite an increase. I am recommending your tapes to anybody who needs to increase their sales. Keep up the good work."                                          - K. Urbom - NY

"Just a brief note to let you know how satisfied I am with your program, True Optimism. I have experienced shyness, and fear in meeting new people. But now I have to stop and pinch myself because without thinking I walk right up to people in the job and ask their names.

"You have so many programs that fit my areas of interest. I have enclosed another order for The Winning Edge. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm on my way to the top! Keep 'em coming; they're fantastic!"            - L. D. Childers

"On May 19, I purchased your CD programs, 'Stop Procrastination.' Within 3 days I had completed 3 major projects in my life, applied for a new job (which meant a new resume and letter), cleaned my closet and began setting my house in order. In addition, using the Golf - The Competitive Edge program, I improved my golf game by 14 strokes on my next time out and began planning the process of completing other projects that I had put on hold until 'the right time'. After my experiences with other subliminal programs, I had expected results but not that fast. These new recording techniques and the variety of sounds created are very interesting back-ground music to my activities and provide me with a relief from the ordinary monotonous waves. These tapes, CD's and mp3 programs are pleasant and effective immediately. What a treasure trove for changing my attitude and changing my life."                        - Ida - AZ

"I have been listening to the "Achievement - Stop Procrastination" Program for at least 30 minutes a day with noticeable result. When I find the motivation to get off of the couch and do something.... Whether I am doing laundry, homework or showering, I enjoying listening to this track. It tends to move me much faster and here are some examples;
(1) I am a college student. I am taking very difficult and advanced accounting courses right now. In three past courses, I had a difficult time finishing the tests in the allotted time. I believe it was because I was over analyzing each question. Sometimes, I would have to hand in a test with incomplete answers. Sometimes, I'd even have to guess on the multiple because I didn't have enough time left. Then, I started listening to "Stop Procrastination" for 30 minutes prior to the test. I found that my thought processes changed when listening to this track. I wasn't second-guessing myself. I was moving through the test faster and finishing within the permitted time and getting better grades.
(2) I found myself walking out of the kitchen, headed for bed, catching a glimpse of the coffee maker and asking myself, why not set up the coffee maker for the morning. Why wait just do it. I now find myself halting lazy behavior..... I'm constantly busy with housework, homework and everything else since I started listening to Stop Procrastination. Thirty minutes in the morning is perfect for me. I start my coffle maker at the same time I start Bright Images.       Thanks B.N.


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Adult Series

"My husband and I recently purchased the BRIGHT IMAGES Sexual Enhancement subliminal CD. We are always consciously trying to stimulate our minds to build a strong, mutually satisfying adult relationship.

"I found initially that the music and nature sounds were very conducive to the special atmosphere we create when we make love. Beyond that, though, I found that the intrigue of believing that positive statements were being directed to my subconscious mind, made me creatively use my conscious mind in a decidedly more profound way. BRIGHT IMAGES, like our sensuality, is rich, complex and moving."            - J. Daniels -MI

"I'm writing about your Bright Images programs that I used. I have enjoyed them so much. I play them over and over sometimes for hours and never tire of them. I bought my first one a little over a year ago (It was 'Happiness & Prosperity' - still my favorite). Since then I've lost track of how many different ones I've had. I've worn out several.

"I listen at work (in a darkroom) and it really does brighten up my day. I listen at home and when friends are visiting. Some of us think you could have a top 40 hit. Musically they're wonderful. I often go to sleep with 'Total Relaxation' and I love playing 'Showing & Attracting Love' . I've been miserable a large part of my life. I'm trying to get better and I appreciate the help."                                - C. Turner - GE

My Bright Images Sexual Enhancement CD puts me in a trance state during sex. I enjoy every minute of the experience. I am more thoughful of my sex partner's feelings and wants. This program will cause the listener to experience a kind of sexual plesure aside from physical sexual pleasure.  B.N.

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Personal Growth Series

"I want to thank-you for opening up a new world to me. I bought your powerful program, 'Stress Control.' I am a Phobic and had been under a lot of stress. Let me give you a brief summary of my problem. I developed a phobia 10 years ago of eating food because I've almost choked to death several times.

"After 2 years of being scared out of my wits all the time they found I had a hernia (Hiatal), and began to drink because of my fear. I became alcoholic and drank for 8 years. I lost a 15 year marriage because of my drinking. Thank God I did join AA four and a half years ago and have not had a drink since then. But my fears did not go away, they did improve greatly but I still do not eat. All this time I have been eating baby food.

"My husband of 5 years now had to go out to sea for six months. During his absence, I was overwhelmed with stress. A family member tried to stab me. A man tried three times to break into my house to the point I had to purchase a weapon, which made me very nervous.

"All the doctors want to do is put you on so much medication you don't feel at all. When my husband returned from sea, I decided that I was going to get better no matter what AA has taught me how to deal with a lot of my problems. But I still can't eat. I finally took affirmative action and bought a book Anxiety and Panic Attacks- Their Cause and Cure, by Robert Handly. This taught me the different status of mind and visualization and affirmation, I then bought your 'Stress Control Program'.

"My life is getting better every day. I do take medication, but have finally found a doctor who is phasing me off medication and will soon be chemical free. Thanks for teaching me there is a way to relax."       - K. Anderson

"I can truthfully say I have a new outlook on life since ordering the subliminal programs, 'Beyond Positive Thinking' I didn't tell my husband about it, but after just a few days, he noticed a change in me. I have been able to accomplish tasks that I have been putting off for ages. I work as a secretary, and have been thinking along the lines of early retirement, now I am seriously considering taking a night course in computer technology to increase my skills at work, and retirement is definitely out of the question. I had trouble making decisions about minor things - household chores, etc. Now I can make decisions, carry out my responsibilities, and feel like I am in control of my life.

"I am so thankful that I found your ad in a magazine. Since then I have been listening to the Weight Loss Program. Weight isn't a real problem with me, however, I am a borderline diabetic, and the tape certainly keeps me in line. I have since interested my daughter in your tapes, and as you can see we are ordering five more tapes. Thank you for helping to make life more meaningful."                       - M. G. Thompson - PA

"The Ideas & Creativity program has caused me to really expand my imagination. I listen to it daily. I believe that it is beneficial from an academic standpoint. I'm able to better connect concepts within a discipline of study. I was flabbergast by the unusually creative ideas and viewpoints that popped into my head. I also experienced the most vivid dreams when listening to Ideas and Creativity. I noticed maximum results when listening to as many different titles in one day as possible. I prefer using "Sharpen Your Learning", "Memory Power" and "Communication Skills" with the Ideas Program.   BR

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Skill Series

"I selected 'Memory'. The results are GRATIFYING (if not spectacular). Definitely helpful - many thanks. I shall continue using this tape until I feel its no longer necessary, then try the others.

"As a Scientist working in Applied Research, your technique interests me. My work 'cuts across disciplines' in a broad spectrum of physiology and psychiatry, with pharmacology & pharmacology. For YOUR REFERENCE I strongly recommend PSYCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY program called "Healthy Mind & Healthy Body", Edited by Proof. Robert Ader. Published 1981, it a most prestigious reference, with the 'List of Contributors' reading like a Who's Who in medicine et. all. The 'big deal' is- that this group has PROVEN that the brain controls and activates the complex (total) Immune System - which should interest you and your colleagues."                      - J. Fearnley -Australia

"Last time I ordered 6 programs and they are fantastic! (Memory Power, The Ultimate You, Ideas & Creativity, Sharpen Learning Skills, Achievement - Stop Procrastination and Family Harmony). Your programs brought back the kind of mental behavior when I was a child, all these creativeness, vitality and the ultra -fast recall of memories. I was also calmer and improved my concentration a great deal. Thanks a lot.

"I would also like to receive your current brochure with complete description on the programs. I noticed that you've added a few new programs. Keep up the good work, you're still the best!"             - M. Wong - Hong Kong

I purchased some audio track from competitors of Bright Images. I'll save you time and money by telling you the difference. There is no comparison between Bright Images and other companies such as subliminalmp3.com. Bright Images tracks are 60 minutes long, not 5-12 minutes, which means you don't get bored listening to the same thing repeat. The Bright Images music tracks and sound quality are far superior. Using the Communication Skills program, I definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my verbal and written skills when I played them for at least 30 minutes. I was flabbergasted by my improvement in my speech and writing skills so quickly. I developed more confidence in my ability to retain information from using "Sharpen Your Learning Skills" program. This program has helped me better retain facts more accurately. I seem to received maximum results when listening to "Sharpen Your Learning Skills", "Memory" and "Communication Skill" programs during the same day.     B. Neuman, NC

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Sport Series

"As you know, the Philadelphia Phillies used one of our automated relaxation environments, "Total Relaxation" throughout the 1982 season. Actually, the primary user was Steve Carlton, who made baseball history by winning the Cy Young Award for an unprecedented fourth time.

"I would like to acknowledge Bright Images for the outstanding support you provided and, in particular, for the special recorded program you prepared for exclusive use by Mr. Carlton.

"During the time that Carlton listened to the programs you designed - every day during the last two weeks of the season - he won and completed three games, pitched two shutouts, struck out 34 batters, and yielded only 10 hits in 27 innings of superb pitching. He even hit a home run. Needless to say, that strong finish was instrumental in his being selected as baseball's top pitcher in 1982.

"Carlton's conditioning coach, Gus Hoefling, is convinced that the technique used on your subliminal programs definitely make a difference and they will be employed even more extensively in 1983; hopefully, all the way to the World Series."                          - B. Dati, -PA

"I just wanted to let you know that on June 25th, 1984, I rolled my first '800' set ever, using the Winning Edge. I have been bowling for 25 years and that night I bowled an 843. The best part was that I bowled a 777 in the first part of the league, which gave me the new worlds record for 6 games of 1620.

"I owe most of the success to your Bright Images Subliminal Programs that I have been listening to for 6 weeks. I started out with the True Optimism program only. After two weeks of listening, I began listening to the Attitudes Of A Champion with great success also.

"I joined the Professional Bowlers Association in January of 1984 and came close to cashing in the first four tournaments I bowled. I started listening to the tape to develop a winners attitude and in two weeks I cashed in my first PBA regional tournament."                            - R. Parsons -MD

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