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BrightImages.comThe first step to being a winner is believing that you have already won!  Look at any winner and you find a common denominator: they prepare to win and they expect to win.   Although winning is usually associated with athletic competition of all sorts, the world is full of winners in virtually every kind of activity. A competitive spirit is a vital necessity for the entrepreneur or investor. That need to "get there first" provides an atmosphere of maximum effort that changes what would have been mediocre financial results into great fortunes. The Winning Edge, originally designed for professional athletes, but has no direct reference Bright Images Subliminal Self Improvement tapes, cd's & mp3 Audio Programsto sports. It works by instilling a competitive spirit in you which will make you prone to insist upon being a winner in all that you do. You'll begin to visualize yourself as number one, the best at what you do. It installs pride in your unlimited potential to be the best at whatever you do. This program has become very popular among professional women to excel and perform at their very best. Become a winner, with a competitive spirit, with positive attitudes and affirmations promoting your positive mental potential, concentration and success.  Get the winning edge today, become a real winner!              
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