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Success Series

True Optimism Achievement - Stop Procrastinating Dynamic Self Image
Visualized Yourself to Success Success Motivation The Winning Edge
Sales: Creating Wealth through Sales Money & Prosperity Goals - Roadmap to Riches
Women of Independence    


BrightImages.comOne of our most popular and powerful programs to provide you with a dynamic new Self Image by providing thousands of new positive pictures, ideas and images in your mind regarding virtually every area of your life; spiritually, professionally, socially and financially. Designed to help you become more confident and self-assured as a means of reaching your goals. You will soon find yourself able to accomplish anything with a dynamic self-image that you are proud of. Feeling the desire to reach your goals will be much easier to Bright Images Dynamic Self Images Subliminal Self Improvement CD, mp3 & tape Programaccomplish once you feel worthy of that accomplishment. This program promotes a perception and belief in yourself of being capable, worthy and deserving, promoting your success. Expert scripted affirmations focusing on your deepest beliefs and attitudes about yourself that promote new positive mental images and pictures of you achieving your goals, elevating your self-images, while feeling relaxed, calm and in control. The new you is waiting. This Dynamic Self-Image can help to promote a Dynamic New You! Testimonial: "I have experienced shyness, and fear in meeting new people...now without thinking, I walk right up to people in the job and ask their names."  L.D. Childers
  Recommended for use with: Beyond Positive Thinking, The Ultimate You, The Winning Edge

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