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Attitudes of a Champion    

Tennis - The Competitive Edge

BrightImages.comReceive expert training by the pro's and developed for professional tennis players, while just listening played in the background. Become more relaxed on the court, while in control of your game with perfect tennis. Experience the exhilarating feeling of becoming a championship performer. Develop a more accurate ground stroke, a more powerful serve and a dynamic competitive attitude that will take you right over the top. Play tennis to the ability you have always visualized by developing your mental game to execute the perfect tennis Bright Images Subliminal Tennis - The Competitive Edge Tape, cd's and mp3 Audio Programsmatch. Feel more energetic and attentive as you concentrate, while connecting to the ball. You will be able to play a more relaxed game, content and at peace with yourself, even under pressure. Stay in control of every game, with your attention on the ball, providing smooth and flowing forehand or backhand strokes. You will become more confident of your skills as you begin to perform like a champion, relaxed with a winning attitude.

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: High Energy Performance, Dynamic Self Image, Attitudes of a Champion

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