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Attitudes of a Champion    

Attitudes of a Champion

BrightImages.comDevelop the attitude of a champion by instilling pride in your unlimited potential to be the best. Discipline yourself in your attitude towards health and fitness. Builds a commitment to reach your goals and provides an atmosphere for maximum effort that will get you there first. Insist upon being a winner in all that you do. You are prepared to win and expect to win. Believe in yourself and your unlimited potential with a dynamic positive attitude. Become more heath conscious by eating Bright Imges Subliminal Attitudes Of A Champion Tapes, CD's and mp3 Audio Programsproperly and nutri-tionally. You will learn to prioritize your time and organize your tasks, getting things done. Become free of stress and depression, while staying healthy and happy. As your body continually builds mass, your muscles developing, your mind, body and spirit work together to stay healthy. Become a champion in all that you do by maintaining a healthy, physical and positive mental position in life.

Recommended for use with: High Energy Performance, Dynamic Self Image, The Winning Edge

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