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Skill Series





The Skills Series enhances your basic learning concepts for career, school, or pleasure. Acquire a new skill, or sharpen an old one.

Sharpen Your Learning Skills

Sharpen Your Learning SkillsThis program is designed to make learning easier, to assist your mind in processing information for easier recall. Helps your mind soak up information making it easier for you to recall your experience and learned knowledge, which will allow you to be more effective. Works on your natural abilities of learning and recalling information to allow a person to learn anything you want. … Learn More »

Studying Made Easy

Studying Made EasyThis program is a powerful tool that develops good attitudes and study habits. Setting aside time to study, provides confidence in your ability to study and makes learning enjoyable. It will let your mind work faster and easier so that information studied will be easier to recall. … Learn More »


Communication Skills

Communication Skills 10% of the affirmations deal with effective listening. All other statements are about effective speaking and about conveying your ideas to others. Included are affirmations to help a person relax and enjoy speaking in public, express ideas, establish rapport, gain self-confidence when speaking and improve speaking ability. … Learn More »

Memory Power

Memory PowerThis program works specifically at retaining and recalling this information simply, easily and effectively. It deals with remembering studied materials for tests and exams, or remembering anything you choose. … Learn More »



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