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Life Extension Series

Weight Loss Stop Smoking Stress Control
Fitness & Exercise Healthy Mind & Healthy Body Happiness & Prosperity
Workout - Body Toning Freedom From Drugs Freedom From Alcohol
Weight Control & Maintenance    


BrightImages.comReaching that ideal weight is accomplished by millions of people each day. Maintaining that ideal weight, however is a much greater task. Once you have reached your desired goal, the next positive step is to focus your attention to the Weight Loss & Maintenance Program. Designed to subconsciously create specific images and concepts necessary and required for lasting weight maintenance and control. In addition to reaffirming all of the positive foundations set forth in the Bright Images Weight Loss Program, this program continues to maintains consistency in your ability to Bright Images Subliminal Audio Weight Loss & Maintenance Audio cd, tape and mp3 Programskeep yourself healthy and to stay on your healthy fitness daily routine. You will enjoy a happy life by continuing to complete your regular exercise programs and daily eating habits using nutritional foods that keep you healthy, first learned using the Weight Loss Program.   
"Weight loss programs utilizing subliminal communication are a promising approach that can be easily used to aid people in modifying their eating and exercise habits, which have led to a weight problem."    D.A. Williamson, PhD, LO                                                        more testimonials ....
Recommended for use with: Dynamic Self Image, Healthy Mind & Healthy Body, Fitness & Exercise

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