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Life Extension Series

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BrightImages.comThis program deals with eliminating anger and helps you achive that "feel good attitute". Suppressed anger plays havoc with our body's natural immune defense system. Happiness is life's ultimate goal. Life should be fun and we should enjoy it. Promotes a happy lifestyle. Many Health Food Retailers have given this program a reputation for increasing overal sales in their retail stores when played in the background. This all makes sense, when we are feeling good, feeling that new zest in ourselves, we seem to enjoy shopping more and we purchase what we want. Bright Images Subliminal Happiness & Prosperity cd, tape & pr3 Audio ProgramThis program was designed to create euphoric feelings that are uplifting, fulfilling, positive, upbeat and fun. Becoming that positive, happy person, attract positive and happy feelings from the people around you in our daily lives. Discover yourself simply smiling more, feeling good about yourself and you will have a better day. You will look forward to each new day with feelings of happiness about yourself and the people that you are in contact with. Be more active, be happy and enjoy your life. Your good health and prosperity are dependent on you exhibiting an excellent positive mental attitude and resonating this joy from within and around you.

Recommended for use with: Beyond Positive Thinking, Showing & Attracting Love, Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

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