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Freedom from Alcohol

BrightImages.comAlcoholism is similar to overeating in that it is almost never the problem but the end result of some other problems. The same kind of problems that cause weight gain can also be attributed to alcoholism. Stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, feeling unhappy, low self-esteem and rejection are all feelings often connected with this disease. With alcoholism, there can be a chemical imbalance in the brain, but there are still many possibilities to help in abstaining from drinking. One can begin by replacing your dependency on alcohol with Bright Images Subliminal Freedom From Alcohol CD, Tape and mp3 Audio Programsa new feeling of confidence and a new self-image. You can stop drinking and feel good about it as you choose not to drink alcohol. The domination of alcohol is over! Focus now on your enjoyment, feeling good, achievement, being happy and healthy, confident, your self-image, liking what you see in yourself and choosing not to drink alcohol. It stimulates new feelings of loving, generosity, creativity and useful feelings once again. Creates a renewed inner strength, which allows you to exhibit patience's with family and the friends in your life. Your choice is not to drink and to be free of the dependence. Bright Images Freedom From Alcohol Program was designed to work in conjunction with established recovery programs, consulting and proven support systems available locally everywhere.       TESTIMONIAL: "I did something that I thought I would never do... I poured my beloved 94.4% London Gin down the sink drain. I have not had a drink since." - L. Crusci, NY      Recommended for use with: Healthy Mind & Healthy Body, Showing & Attracting Love, Dynamic Self Image, Stress Control, Happiness & Prosperity

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