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Sexual Enhancement Family Harmony Total Relaxation
Showing & Attracting Love Universal Harmony From Within  


BrightImages.comExperience absolute calm. Relax from work or effort easily, loosen up or become less rigid as tensions disappear. This program utilizes a unique progressive relaxation technique to relax the mind and body effectively. Relaxing, breathing, letting go of your tensions, thinking gentle thoughts and being content with yourself are all part of this technique. Reported to be very successful when used prior to bedtime with hyperactive children and adults. Producing a more relaxed mental and physical calm state, allowing a much required sleep period. Suggested time of use would be during at the end of your day or when time permits, when you are ready Bright Images Total Relaxation CD, tape & mp3 subliminal Audio Programto become fully relaxed. Noticeable results tend to occur fairly rapidly. We have learned this program has become very popular with retailers when played in the background of their store sound system, providing a relaxed and calm shopping experience, commenting how much more relaxed they are while in their store. Commonly used by doctors in their waiting rooms, massage clinics, or home to relax at the end of the day. Use anywhere you want to become totally relaxed and relieved of tensions.               
- "I want to thank you for opening up a new world to me... I am a Phobic and had been under a lot of stress." -K. Anderson, SC
Recommended for use with
: Stress Control, Anxiety Free Living, Universal Harmony From Within

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